In the Golden Quad, Downtown in Milan, Federico Sangalli has opened his first Flagship Store. A Family Tradition that coninues since 1954.

2005 Federico Sangalli opens his first personal Atelier in Milan Golden Quad. Haute Couture line Creative Direction. Brand: SANGALLI


In 2008 he wins the second edition of the important fashion contest by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI) for young fashion talents. Launch of the pret-a-porter line, brand: FEDERICO SANGALLI. He performs his fashion show in Milan, Tokio, Istanbul powered by CNMI

In September 2009 he presents his first personal fashion show during Milano Fashion Week. Luciana Savignano and Giuseppe Picone (Guest Star of the American Ballet) perform his show.

In March 2010 Mr David Parsons the important dancer and coreographer, performs his fashion show.

In September 2011 presenting his SS collection he creates a show suspended between fashion, dance and theater: Life under the Desesrt.


2008-2009-2010 Federico Sangalli designs the theatrical costumes for Teatro alla Scala and Luciana Savignano, the important ballerina guest star of Teatro alla Scala, and for Ms Carla Fracci.

In December 2009 Federico Sangalli wins the Bucchi Award at Teatro Nazionale in Rome for his theatrical costumes.

Between 2012 and 2013 Federico Sangalli transforms his Atelier in a creative lab, where Fashion, art, culture and technology live toghether. He is a Founder partner of Mamurio (www.mamurio.it), italian cultral magazine.

In April 2014 he presents during Milano Design Week the "Light My Night" dress that glow gently in the dark, creating a unique effect. A dress made by a new innovative fabric made by organza and optic fiber.

In September 2014 during the Vogue Fashion Night Out Federico Sangalli creates a fashion exhibition for the movie star Valentina Cortese at San Babila Theater, presenting the Light My Night (LMN) Project.

In September 2014, during MFW, Federico Sangalli dresses in light Valentina Cortese at San Babila Theater for "L'Amore", by Giovanni Testori.

2015-2016 during Milano Fashion Week he creates three LMN project's fashion show: using his fashion creations as language in order to narrate. Pamela dell'Orto (il Giornale, the Italian National newspaper) writes that Sangali has created a new show dimension: Fashion Theater

September 2017 First Flagship Store in Golden Quad. Two new lines: SANGALLI4Kids and SANGALLI Menswear.

July-September 2018 LUXSUS Exhibition Palazzo Reale, MIlano. Federico Sangalli is honored to take part of this important exhibition at Royal Palace in Milan, with an entire black room dedicated to the LMN creations, and a few creations in all the exhibition.

10 April 2019 Milano Design Week Launch of the SANGALLI HOME line